Speak like the locals

Play your way to fluency with the immersive language learning app that gets you speaking from day one.

Learn your dream language

The natural way

LingoLooper lets you acquire your target language in the same way as native speakers acquire their own - by speaking.

I love how engaging the game is and how it really pushes you to talk and to practice your conversation skills.
German • Sep 5, 2023
It's amazing to have the ability to talk and practice Swedish without requiring native speakers around you. Interacting with my AI friends is an enjoyable experience.
Swedish • Oct 5, 2023

Simulate real conversations with AI avatars

Engage in conversations with 1000+ fun and friendly AI avatars around hundreds of everyday topics such as Things to Do, Work, Family, Shopping, Fitness and Exercise, Food, Music, and much more.

Live the language

Dive into a virtual 3D world where language learning leaps off the page. Whether for work, wanderlust, family or school, LingoLooper makes language mastery fun and fear-free.

Native-level fluency at your fingertips

Enjoy the freedom and independence of having a native-level speaking partner available anytime, making language learning as immersive as living abroad without leaving your home.

Bridging the gap
from theory to practice

Develop real-world skills

Begin speaking immediately in a judgement-free space where mistakes are part of the learning process. Overcome speaking anxiety, gain confidence, and acquire not just the language but also cultural understanding, preparing you for real-life interactions.

Build language muscle memory

Gain the agility to think on your feet during conversations with locals. Stay on course with personalized feedback on vocabulary, fluency and style that helps you develop your linguistic reflexes.

Shave years off your learning journey

Enhance your language learning with LingoLooper's AI-powered conversations that let you practice efficiently on your own terms. Save time and money by sidestepping expensive tutors and classes.


This helps me a lot in my life
Thank you so much for this app, it's wonderful! I'm totally thrilled. I've heard from other people that they're very happy with your app, and I'm also very grateful! This helps me a lot in my life. Now I play a little less, but only because I've met German people, and I have too much conversations with lively people every day, ahah
German • Nov 5, 2023
A truly unique approach that keeps me engaged
The main idea is awsome! User can improve learning language and "make friends" )) Of course - I was exited: avatar's speed of answer, avatar keeping on topic, like-human quality of avatar's voice, transcript conversation and really usefull tips.
English • Feb 5, 2024
Much better than completing dry-as-dust lessons first
Just being able to start talking is really fun and totally motivating. Much better than completing dry-as-dust lessons first. This is a fabulous idea, and I cannot wait to see its fruition and delve into it further, thank you.
French • Jan 10, 2024
LingoLooper helps me speak Swedish with confidence
I live in Sweden but don't have the opportunity to speak much Swedish. The app is a great way for me to practise whenever I like, without any stress, and thus lose the shyness of conversations in the real world.
Swedish • Feb 21, 2024
Excellent app for speaking practice
Great interactive application with multi-faceted educational potential. The rating methodology allows one assess and improve their vocabulary, their pronunciation and their conversational abilities (e.g response time and response appropriateness).
German • Jun 16, 2023
Hands-down the best solution
I’ve been looking for a dynamic conversational language learning app. You’ve created a fantastic product.
French • Dec 25, 2023
The AI avatars are so unique
What I like most is the game character of LingoLooper. It's great that you can listen to other people's statements and your own over and over again.
Spanish • Dec 12, 2023
LingoLooper makes speaking practice fun
I like the different characters and their stories. I like how the app suggests answers to keep you going. I love being able to discuss topics that interest me. I like it a lot!
Swedish • Nov 26, 2023
A very creative language learning game
It's amazing to have the ability to talk and practice a language without requiring native speakers around you. Interacting with "AI friends" is an enjoyable experience. Their voices and pronunciation are quite natural.
Norwegian  • Jan 20, 2024
Nice app for adult learners
I really like, especially the fact that additionally to the AI, there is another elements. I already used other AI-powered chats and having only the chat and nothing more is a bit boring. I am so glad that I have access to this nice tool. I have to say that the conversation can go deep with more professional topics and subjects. That is nice, especially for an adult.
German • Feb 20, 2024


Is LingoLooper free?

LingoLooper is free to download and completely free to use during your first seven days. After the free trial your subscription starts at an extra special discounted price during the early access phase. We’re working towards providing a premium learning experience, while still making it accessible to everyone.

How is LingoLooper different from other language learning apps?

LingoLooper is a voice-first language app focused on AI-powered real-time conversation practice. It simulates the experience of moving abroad and picking up the language by interacting with locals in an immersive 3D world.

Is LingoLooper suitable for me?

With LingoLooper you can practice speaking English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Brazilian Poruguese, Danish and Norwegian. If you have some basic knowledge of the target language and you feel you’ve hit a wall with other apps, LingoLooper is your key to overcoming common learning obstacles with a more practical and effective approach. Beginners too can benefit from learning with LingoLooper thanks to our dynamic in-game suggestions.

What languages can I learn with LingoLooper?

LingoLooper currently supports learning English, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian – with more languages coming soon.

Do I need any special equipment to use LingoLooper?

No, you don’t need any special equipment to use LingoLooper. Just your smartphone and internet connection. For a better experience we recommend using a pair of headphones or earbuds.

Can I track my progress with LingoLooper?

Yes! LingoLooper is designed to evaluate your performance after each conversation, and provides learner metrics and personalized feedback on your use of vocabulary, style, grammar and fluency. You can also review the transcripts of each conversation at any moment.

Are my conversations with the AI avatars recorded?

The content of your conversations is only transcribed into text to facilitate and enhance your learning experience. Rest assured, we do not store any audio recordings.

How often should I use LingoLooper to see an improvement?

We recommend starting with micro sessions of 10 minutes (~2 loops) of LingoLooper a day, to establish your learning habits and see tangible progress within the first weeks of use. Consistency is key to reaching mastery. Once you get into the habit of daily looping you can extend the duration to go deeper in your practice and advance even faster.

What if I want to learn more than one language at a time with LingoLooper?

During the early access period you’re free to learn as many languages as you want with LingoLooper. Your ambition is the only limit.

Will LingoLooper replace existing language courses or tutors?

LingoLooper is designed to simulate the experience of living abroad, providing the benefits of being completely immersed in the language. We believe that it is a great complement to any existing in-person courses and tutor sessions. The important thing is to find combination that you like and that you feel comfortable with.

How frequently is LingoLooper updated with new content or features?
See the LingoLooper roadmap

LingoLooper is in early access phase and we work hard to consistently deliver new updates and features. To learn more, you can check out our roadmap.

Can I contribute feedback or suggestions for LingoLooper?

Yes! LingoLooper has a built-in user feedback feature at the end of each loop, where you can rate your experience and contribute with your own ideas in writing.

Ready to speak like the locals?

Play your way to fluency with the immersive language learning app that gets you speaking from day one.

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