Speak your dream language with confidence.

Reach fluency by practicing real-life conversations with AI avatars in an immersive learning game.

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You will never be fluent if you don’t practice speaking.

Break out of the speaking anxiety cycle by practicing with AI avatars.

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Our innovative language learning approach

Online speaking practice has never been this fun. Our goal is to make you feel like you're having real interactions and help you achieve that flow state where you learn best.

That's why we're creating an immersive virtual world where you can learn to talk with lifelike AI avatars from day one.

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  • Free & fun conversations
    Say goodbye to boring, scripted conversations. Our AI avatars are so smart, they can talk about whatever you like!

  • Personalized difficulty
    We have the training-wheels to support you in the beginning, and let you fly when you are ready.

  • Learning through real-life contexts
    We provide scenarios with different characters and environments, so that you can learn to hold conversations that actually matter in your life.

On the device of your choice

We're creating LingoLooper to be multi-platform so that you can decide how you prefer to learn.

Want to maximize immersion, accessibility, or maybe something in between? 

Choose between mobile, tablet or VR when you sign up.

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Stepping into a virtual world and practicing real conversations with avatars – this is the future of language learning! I noticed an instant increase in motivation among my students.
K12 teacher, Spanish & French
It felt like I was talking to a real person! I’d love to use it for practicing at home.
8th grade, Spanish
I've studied Spanish for many years, but have always been shy to speak it. With LingoLooper, I'm excited to get talking!
Co-founder of Lumi Labs, Spanish
“I think it’s a fun and interactive way to learn which is the most appealing thing. I also like that it corresponds to reality in a way that other apps won’t. I can talk 'freely' but still score points and keep the conversation going, while in other apps I fail if I don’t answer in an exact way.”
Italian, B1

5 languages, going on 50

We're starting with Spanish, French, German, English & Swedish
– but it won't be long before we can offer you 10x more! 

Sign up now and vote for the language that YOU want to speak.

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We're on a mission to make language learning more fun and engaging, to help you reach your goals and gain confidence in your speaking skills.

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About us

Our mission is to give confidence to the next generation of learners through AI-powered educational experiences.

We are an edtech startup founded 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Dani & Simon.

Danielle Karlsson
Co-founder & CEO

Growing up bilingual (Swedish-American) meant I  never struggled with language learning – until Spanish entered my teenage life. 7 years later, I still wasn't fluent because I was held back by fear and speaking anxiety.

Today I'm happy to say: 
¡Por supuesto que puedo hablar español! Y cada día aprendo más.

Simon Dürr
Co-founder & CTO

Creating games is what first got me into software development. I see incredible potential in using technology to build tools for learning and growth. At Lumi Labs, we use the latest transformer AI models to create a completely new kind of language learning experience. It's fun to be a pioneer!

I'm always down to talk ideas – reach out via mail!

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