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Immersive Learning for Practical Application

Real-world success with contextual language learning

Transform your team's language skills with LingoLooper's contextual learning, designed to reflect real-world scenarios. Our AI-driven platform offers immersive, practical practice, tailored to your business needs.

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Customized learning content

Empower your organization with relevant content

Lead with effective language learning uniquely tailored to your organization's needs. With LingoLooper, create bespoke learning scenarios, driving engagement and enhancing outcomes. Experience practical language proficiency, specifically designed for your business environment.

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Gamified results

Boost user retention with gamified learning

Experience the fusion of fun and learning with LingoLooper's gamified approach. Ignite user motivation and promote continuous learning, effectively improving retention rates. Enjoy the benefits of an engaging language acquisition process that serves both your users and your organization.

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Dashboard & reports

Optimize language learning with comprehensive analytics

Unlock insights into your learners' progress with LingoLooper's reports and dashboard. Quickly identify strengths and areas for improvement with our real-time data. Make strategic decisions to optimize your language learning initiatives and boost organizational outcomes.

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What our users say

Receiving testimonials like these are what we live for 🧡

"Tack för att du gav oss möjligheten att använda din underbara LingoLooper. Jag lärde mig mycket av den här appen, utöver att samtidigt studera svenska som andraspråk, och även att arbeta och mixa hjälper till att lära dig mer.”


From Syria, learning Swedish

“It's really helpful in overcoming the fear of speaking a foreign language.”


From Ukraine, learning German

“Det här är fantastiskt. Jag kan verkligen se att det fungerar bra för att lära sig språk. När man är fokuserad i det blir det mycket mer naturligt att försöka förstå, vilket är väldigt viktigt för att lära sig ett språk. Ju mer fokuserad man är, desto snabbare lär man sig.”


From Iraq, learning Swedish

“My English skills are good enough about listening, reading and writing, when it comes to talking out loud I have a hard time because I feel very insecure and embarrassed, so I don't talk to anyone in online games, work, etc, unless I have to. I have long thought that what I needed was to be able to practice with some software that recognizes my words. Using AI for this is just perfect (and even so, I have to be home alone to use it)”


From Spain, learning English

"Great interactive application with multi-faceted educational potential. The rating methodology allows one assess and improve their vocabulary, their pronunciation and their conversational abilities (e.g response time and response appropriateness)."


From UK, learning German

"I like the encouraging to speak and practice how to pronounce things. Swedish is a totally different language from my mother tongue language (Arabic and French). Very interesting... learning new vocabulary and helping to speak."


From Morocco, learning Swedish

“Honestly, overall I love it! My language skills are still ow, though, so I get stuck trying to understand the speed of conversations (i.e., when the words come up I can read or at least decipher meaning). I might like a slower audio, especially at the very beginning that speeds up as I improve. But I love that I can help guide the conversations, and I love that if I'm stuck (often) I get suggestions how to move the conversation along.”


From USA, learning Swedish

“Vielen vielen Dank für diese App, ist es wunderbar! Ich bin total begeistert.

Ich habe von andere Leute gehört, dass sie sehr glücklich mit Ihre App, und ich bin auch sehr dankbar! Das hilft mir sehr in meine Leben. Jetzt spiele ich bisschen weniger, aber nur weil ich mit deutsche Leute kennengelernt habe, und ich habe jeden Tag zu viel Gespräche mit lebendige Leute, ahah.


From Ukraine, learning German

“Det är intressant att ställa frågor och få svar. Vi [jag och avatarerna] kan prata om vad som helst. Vilket är väldigt intressant för mig. Jag vill tacka dig för att du har gjort det möjligt för oss att lära oss svenska språket på det här sättet, det här hjälper mig mycket eftersom jag pratar med en person. Det här är ett bra sätt att lära mig svenska språket för mig. Jag skulle rekommendera alla att lära sig språk på detta sätt.”


From Brazil, learning Swedish
Stepping into a virtual world and practicing real conversations with avatars – this is the future of language learning! I noticed an instant increase in motivation among my students.
K12 teacher, Spanish & French
It felt like I was talking to a real person! I’d love to use it for practicing at home.
8th grade, Spanish
I've studied Spanish for many years, but have always been shy to speak it. With LingoLooper, I'm excited to get talking!
Co-founder of Lumi Labs, Spanish
“I think it’s a fun and interactive way to learn which is the most appealing thing. I also like that it corresponds to reality in a way that other apps won’t. I can talk 'freely' but still score points and keep the conversation going, while in other apps I fail if I don’t answer in an exact way.”
Italian, B1

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